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About Mortgage West

Mortgage West – The Mortgage Centre (formerly The Mortgage Centre/Dico Holdings Inc.) is now owned and operated by Mortgage West Brokers Inc. The name change was necessary as we continue to expand our reach across Canada. Mortgage West is one of nearly 100 Mortgage Centre Franchise offices across Canada. Each franchise is independently owned and operated.

In February of 1991, we first opened our doors in Kamloops to provide what was then, a unique mortgage brokerage service to borrowers in British Columbia. Our objective was, and is, simple – we are committed to providing you with the best available mortgage for your specific needs, at the best available rate – and we are confident we can outperform your present bank or lending institution

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What We Provide

The best available mortgage for your specific needs.

Available any time of the day, seven days a week.

Independent, unbiased advice.

Our mortgage advisors provide mortgages from various lenders and we work for you as the client - so we're not tied to one lender or one type of mortgage.

More mortgage choices.

Brokers have direct electronic access to virtually every major lender in Canada - so we can show you a wide range of rates and features.

Best-available rates.

We study rates daily and always know where to find the most competitive ones. Plus we know how to negotiate with lenders to ensure you're getting the best available deal.

Efficient, convenient service.

Throughout the provinces of BC and AB, our mortgage advisors are highly motivated to keep your mortgage moving forward quickly because they only get paid - by the lender - when your mortgage is complete.

Specialized knowledge.

As specialists, we have a thorough understanding of all available products, features and rates. We will explain everything so you know what to expect.

Secure, established lenders.

We deal with the same reputable, established Canadian financial institutions you're used to.

We have access to some innovative broker-only lenders – who offer even more attractive rates and features.

Next time you need a mortgage – call us! We’ll negotiate the best mortgage package available. We’ve helped thousands of customers save money, time, and effort. We’d like the opportunity to help you too!

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